Bar Rag (track #2)

Album   Marker and Parker
Artist   Marc Zegans
Written by   Marc Zegans
Length   2:30
Mood Wry, HIp, Ironic
Theme Living Life


Four A.M. is waking hour for an old woman, deeply tanned, more than thick
in the middle.   She fills her time with words, talking to anyone at the bar
who will listen, or nod rhythm to her lines.  She fills her time with words,
hearing secular confession during working hours, and speaking openly,
as A.A. taught her, as antidote to drink.   She sits in bars, sucking limes,
remembering years of black-out drunks--funny how drink erases days,
leaving years standing stark, empty blocks rising on a flattened field:

"Where did those days go?" she wonders, opening her capacious black
bag, as if she will find them buried beneath the rumpled tissues, plastic-cased
photos of grandchildren, chewed pencils, receipts, laundry tickets, wallet,
address book, lipstick, make-up, plastic rain bonnet, insulin pen, stop watch,
and dildo.  She fishes around, finds a half eaten role of zinc lozenges, mutters,
"This will have to do", pops one, passes the rest to the boys at the bar and grunts.

They put the lozenges under their tongues, tip back their Coronas, and watch 
suds rise in their long-necks.  "Citrus flavored!" she shouts triumphant, popping 
another lozenge.   She slips from her stool and marches to the door.  The boys sigh.

"Shot with a beer back."  "Make that two."  "Game's over.  Can you change 
the channel?"  Bartender clicks the remote, grabs his rag, and wipes the counter.