Rack 'Em (track #1)

Album   Marker and Parker
Artist   Marc Zegans
Written by   Marc Zegans
Length   1:15
Mood Hipster/Cracklin'
Theme Playing Pool in a Nightclub


Shootin' eight-ball at the I-beam
Wednesday nite tea-party.

Drag queen in a sheer silk dress 
gives me the eye.

Popper wiff hangin’ in the air.
I ignore him and break.

Smack, the cueball hits
the multichrome triangle
at the far end of the table.

Balls scatter.
He gives me the eye
shows me some thigh.

I lean over the table,
hand on the felt
line up my first shot.

In the pocket.

I sink three
then scratch.

I look around
The air is grey
The room cold.

Becky's puking
in the bathroom.

I wonder why 
I came.

The drag queen loses
interest and wobbles

I put a solid in
the corner pocket.