In This Moment (track #1)

Artist   One Step Away
Written by   Nuzzolo,Carrington,Healy,Rickenbacker
Length   3:58
Mood Upset
Theme Breaking Up


In This Moment 
Copyrighted © 2008 along with song performance by One Step Away
Adam Carrington, Mike Nuzzolo, Terence Healy and Greg Rickenbacker

Every time I look in the mirror I think of you
What is lost is gone forever, Donít want to be with you
Close my eyes and walk into the dark and fade away
I see it all come together every single day

In this moment I see right through you
Donít know what is true, all these lies within you.
Donít know where to go, donít know where to stop
All is crashing down, in this moment it ends.

I try to run away, but it cannot be forgotten
You were never true, but I seized the day
And now I see as you walk away, Your true self in the bright of day


Now that itís done, I knew you were never the one
Donít want to see your face, Someone take me from this place
I believe we are through, I never really knew you
Thatís where it began and this is where it ends.