Attack Of The Air Monkeys
by Super Zero
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Punk Pop
Punk Pop

Track Listing

Track Title Click to play sample
1. Bus Driver  (03:01) more info
2. Pop Stars  (03:44) more info
3. Ugly  (03:13) more info
4. Love Me  (03:36) more info
5. Either, Or  (02:24) more info
6. Falling  (04:33) more info
7. Hammer  (04:05) more info
8. Jinx  (03:28) more info
9. Anxiety  (02:07) more info
10. Easier  (04:01) more info
11. Pot To Piss In  (04:09) more info
12. Spoiler  (03:47) more info
13. Super 0  (02:31) more info
14. Hammer (Horn Mix)  (04:05) more info

More Info

Release Year
super zero
Sounds Like
Super Zero
Produced By
Stephen Powell
Recorded At
Sound Techniques / Donnie
Engineered By
Ted Paduak / Donnie Bettencourt
Mastered By
Hank @ 9 West
, ,
Band Members / Musicians
Tommy Dempsey Robbie Dempsey Stephen Powell Markus
Medford, MA, USA

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