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1. Make Your Heart Go  (3:38) more info
2. Lighthouse  (3:35) more info
3. Warning Sign  (3:45) more info
4. What I Have to Give  (3:19) more info
5. Brightest Eyes  (3:15) more info
6. Lifeboat  (3:09) more info
7. Everything Comes Down  (3:36) more info
8. Ill  (3:44) more info
9. Come to Rise  (3:25) more info
10. Good Girls Go Bad  (3:10) more info
11. Oh Siren  (2:54) more info
12. Keep Dreaming  (3:56) more info

More Info

Release Year
Sounds Like
John Mayer, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews, Phoenix, Passion Pit
Produced By
Brian Maes
Recorded At
Briola Records
Engineered By
Brian Maes
Mixed By
Brian Maes and Casey Barth
Mastered By
Jay Frigoletto
, ,
Band Members / Musicians
Casey Barth (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards), Brian Maes (Producer/Keys/ Backing Vocals), Kook Lawry (Lead Guitar), Tim Archibald (Bass), Dickie Paris (Drums), Willie Archibald and Jake Dockterman (Horns), John Hesson (Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals).
Boston, MA, USA

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