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1. Live For Today  (3:38)
2. Never Said Goodbye  (4:44)
3. Clairvoyant  (3:30)
4. Wishful Dreamer  (3:40)
5. Hooked On you  (3:18)
6. Wah Not  (3:05)
7. An Addiction I know  (3:21)

More Info

Release Year
Produced By
Dale Blaine-Mike Lasquade
Recorded At
Dizzyland Recording
Engineered By
Terry Palmer-Dizzyland Recording
Mixed By
Terry Palmer-Dizzyland Recording
Mastered By
Hank Decken-Dizzyland Recording
Band Members / Musicians
Dale Blaine-Drums/Vocals Mike Lasquade-Guitar/Bass
Hampstead, NH, USA

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