Track Listing

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1. Holy Lord  (03:55)
2. A Mighty Fortress  (03:35)
3. Jesus,Jesus,Jesus  (04:17)
4. After All  (03:45)
5. How Could You Love Me That Much  (04:40)
6. Mary Mysterious  (03:45)
7. Last Of Tears  (02:52)
8. Advent  (02:32)
9. Christine  (04:51)
10. Carla's Song  (03:35)
11. Pentatonic Praise  (02:48)
12. Tables  (06:07)

More Info

Release Year
Produced By
Bob Baker,Terry Barton
Recorded At
Closer To Home Studio
Engineered By
Bob Baker
Mixed By
Closer To Home Studio
, ,
Goffstown, NH, USA

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