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1. Rude Boy  (04:09) more info
2. Sad Stories  (04:09) more info
3. Tired fi run from Police  (04:08) more info
4. Never Should've Let You Go  (04:07) more info
5. Waiting For The Right Time  (04:07) more info
6. I've Got Sunshine  (03:37) more info
7. Delima  (04:36) more info
8. Splendid Woman  (04:02) more info
9. Reference  (04:07) more info
10. If You Feel That Need  (04:10) more info
11. Stand at Jah Right Hand  (04:11) more info
12. Call On Jah Name  (04:07) more info
13. Jah Is More Than Life  (04:11) more info
14. Take Heed...Rastaman a Preach  (04:47) more info
15. Conference Table  (04:37) more info
16. Kiss Me and Hold Me Tight  (04:44) more info
17. Here Comes The Bride  (04:44) more info
18. Focus  (05:32) more info

More Info

Release Year
Paco Records
Produced By
Osborne Ifield Joseph + Monica McDonald
Mixed By
Paco records Hartford, CT
Mastered By
Paco records Hartford, CT
Hartford, CT, USA

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