Why Discark?

With the latest advances in technology, it's no longer necessary to manufacture hundreds, thousands, or millions of CDs or DVDs and ship them all over the country wasting valuable resources. For years, musicians, software designers and directors have been trying hard to find a major company to “sign them” to a deal. Ultimately, this “deal” would give them the funds up front to produce, record, promote and release their product. With the technology of today, more and more artists are creating and recording their own content without the need of a major recording and production facility. They are also promoting themselves to world easily with the Internet. It’s the mass manufacturing and distribution costs that are hard to fund and manage, along with the “guesswork” of how many CDs they will need to pre-manufacture. Why manufacture something that might not ever get sold?

Today's duplication and printing machinery is capable of making every single disc and insert that rolls off the press a "one-off" (a single unit) at an affordable price. Rather than stocking a huge warehouse full of discs, at Discark we keep an archive of master discs and a server with graphics files. When a product is ordered we’ll copy your release onto a high quality disc using a high-quality duplicator. We’ll then print the graphics right on the discs using advanced printing technology, and print the cover and tray inserts on a state-of-the-art color digital printer. After we cut and fold the printing, and assemble and wrap the package, we drop it in a mailer and send it off to your customer, immediately as the order comes in.

You make the music… we’ll make, pack and ship the discs for you. It’s like you your own private Manufacturing and Distribution deal all in one, where you’ll earn money immediately for your work. A typical record deal will pay you less than $1.00 per unit sold, and even though the record company keeps the rest of the sale, you won’t see a dime until they “recoup” all the money they fronted you. You won’t even see that $1.00 for a long time. At Discark, you’ll see income within a couple of weeks of the sale.