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How to Sell Your Product on Discark

3 easy steps

  1. Join Discark
  2. Post your release
  3. Send us:

When we recieve your product, we...

  1. Create a product page on Discark for you
  2. Scan and upload your album cover
  3. Convert and upload track samples, track download mp3s, and full album download file


  • We collect a one-time setup fee of just $29.95 for each product you sell through us.
  • You set the selling price for each product and each track
  • We keep:
    • $3.00 for discs through standard distribution
      (or 10% of your total price if you sell for over $30)
    • ($3.00 or 10%) + manufacturing costs for On Demand discs
      (the cost depends on the packaging option you choose)
    • $2.00 for full album downloads
      (or 10% of your total price if you sell for over $20)
    • $0.39 for each track download

If you are interested in Download Cards...

Contact us or one of our CD/DVD duplication partners Superdups or New England Compact Disc.

More Help for Sellers

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