About Discark

A cool distribution method

Thanks for stopping by Discark.com. Hopefully youll be part of helping us build the internets biggest collection of on demand indie music, videos and software. Shopping and sampling will be easy, purchasing will be safe and secure, and youll get your discs fast! Most of our products are made instantly on demand as you order them! These are super high quality items made with the best equipment that technology has to offer. No more back orders. No more waiting for bands to press their release and get it to the distribution chains and stores Its all right here ready to make and ship! Best of all, there will be less wasted product sitting on shelves that may never get sold, and eventually will find their way into a landfill.

Helping to keep the Earth Greener

Our on demand fulfillment system is super green for our environment, for we only manufacture what is purchased. In traditional disc business, every year BILLIONS of discs are manufactured. They are then trucked to distribution centers, sent to stores, etc. This uses a lot of Gas. This also uses a lot of oil. A HUGE amount of plastic is generated to do this. Some Discs fly off the shelves. Some you never hear of. Unless a band or artist has a lot of promotion and publicity behind them, they may press and distribute discs that will never sell! This abundance of waste material is obvious when even the EPA states millions of discs reach landfills and incinerators every month.

The Internet has now put you in control

Someone once told me that 99% of the money made in the music industry is made by 1% of the talent. Why? Especially when there are thousands of bands and artists out there. But only a few were getting to Public stardom stage. I believe for the most part that it is because the record label, publication, television, and radio industries hand in hand control what you get to experience. Think about it unless you saw, read or heard about a new band, how would you even know they exist? Bands are always reaching out to find fans, unfortunately the majority of them have spent their time chasing record companies for That big deal, thinking that is the only way to reach the masses of music lovers out there. Now with the internet, bands can find the people that might like their music, and people can find the music they like to listen to, without being cohersed by traditional media that offers only a limited amount of talent options. Sadly, this talent usually has signed away most of their rights to their music to that very same system that makes it popular. Many signed acts that you love and listen to can barely make a living. Now, a band can sell a fraction of their music and make a living by going directly to you, the music fan and consumer. Theres no more need for the traditional channels of the music industry to pre audition and filter the music you get to experience and purchase.

Why Discark now?

Its an on demand world now. Its a world fearful of global warming and demands that conservation of natural resources be essential. Its a world that is seeking more music choices. Its a world that now has the technology and the internet to break down the subjective toll-gate formerly known as the record industry. Discark has over 25 years of music production, manufacturing and distribution knowledge and experience under its belt and is now utilizing todays technology to bring you more choices. Hear it today, own it today. Hear today, get the CD tomorrow.

Dont be afraid of On Demand manufacturing

We are one of the only same day complete CD manufacturing plants in the world. Thats right. We design, print, manufacture and package thousands of CDs daily. As for instant on demand manufacturing, we are the actual company that created Clear Channels Instant Live CD manufacturing method. Yep. that was us. We had discs ready for distribution within 6 minutes after a band would say goodnight on stage. Thousands of happy fans were able to listen to the concert they just attended on CD in their car on the way home! Thats cool!

Thanks again for stopping by. Take your time and browse the wonderful selection and different genres of discs Discark.com has to offer. Listen to a sample now. If you like it and want it now, get the download. If youre still an avid CD collector, order the disc and youll have it in no time. Heck, if you really want to support your new favorite artist, get the disc and the download, so you can enjoy their music now on your mp3 player and computer while you're waiting a day or two for the CD to arrive. Thanks for being open to and supporting new music!